Skill Development

Wexpound provides IT talent transformation in an enterprise space, having professional trainers with vast experience in training freshers and professionals aligned to IT industry. We analyse the required technology of the IT industries and work towards the growth of both the enterprise and workforce.

We have experts who have designed course structures that is convenient to IT job aspirants and professionals waiting for their growth in terms of knowledge. Wexpound works hand to hand with our clients developing the customized, technology enabled learning solution to achieve enterprise goals

Our trainings comprise of:

  • Campus training

      Formal learning is organised by pre-programmed module design to aid prospective candidates in their development and preparation for the placement through assured quality training. Although the academic syllabus provides knowledge about tools and awareness, we help them gain knowledge on current booming technologies, keeping the futuristic aspect in mind which would help them reach their goal.

  • Corporate training

      Training intended to expand skill and knowledge of the workforce by increasing their technical skills that would help them upgrade themselves and also support the company achieve their goals. The passionate trainers are well equipped and carry the rich experience in the subject matter of the technology that they would be training. We also provide in-house training, offshore training and online training services.